Monday, November 13, 2006


I'm practically hyperventilating as I type I found my heaven on Earth today in the most unlikely place -- Old Navy. See, there's nothing that gets me more excited than buying things really, really cheap.

Two hours of shopping frenzy, and a $135.92 charged brought me this:

10 tees
9 shirts
3 jackets
2 prs pants
2 skirts
2 camis
1 coat
(and a partridge in a pear tree...)

Bonus - I got to pretend my kitchen was a shop when I got home (all the clothing hides the dirty dishes!)

Yes, folks 31 items for $135.92 (plus $10 coupon for a future purchase!) All due to the beautiful collision of 50% off all clearance items and an extra 20% off for using my Old Navy credit card during their "stuff and save" promotion (my favorite big bag next to the Big Bag o' Clean!)

So, I got a start on my Christmas shopping...and then there's the other 75% that's for me (hey, I'm easy for me to shop for...)

All that's left to do is convince husband or parents to give me this stuff for Xmas gifts and it will be absolutely FREE (convoluted logic, but somehow it works for me.)


At November 13, 2006 3:55 PM, Blogger spocko said...

Can you fit in to all those clothes or do you need to Get Physical with the zippers?

/Just trying to get into the ONJ theme.

I went shopping the other day. Hated it! I remember commenting to my companion. "And to think, for some people this is their idea of fun!"

At November 14, 2006 12:22 AM, Anonymous Spencer said...

We did the same the other day - but of course we went with the Old Navy card - an extra 20% baby!

Old Navy is like crack only legal.


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