Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pins & Needles

I've been quite the non-blogger lately, due to an unusual convergence of all sorts of stuff that has been sucking up my time.

Most of it seems to be coming to a head this week, so I find myself way uneasier than even my usual neurotic malaise. Each of these events is probably worth a separate blog, but it ain't gonna happen. So, here's the edited-for-TV version:

I am "Room Mom" for Oldest Daughter's class. This is her last year in elementary school and the first time I've volunteered for the position. I was quite happy to be chosen from the women who volunteered..

Even so, I was pretty much counting on my Partner Room Mom (didn't you know that Room Moms generally travel in pairs?) to clue me in to what a Room Mom is actually supposed to do. So imagine my panic when I found out that this year (for the first time) there would only be one Room Mom per class.

But it has turned out to be a control freak's dream-come-true, after I realized that I now had the power to tell all the other moms to do whatever I wanted. Mwah-hah-hah.

So, Tuesday is our first class event. All I have to do is show up and help the kids with costumes before the parade.

Still, I'd be more comfortable if Eldest Daughter actually had a costume. She wants to be a "Pop Star" which evidently means she just wants to wear her normal clothes and carry an inflatable guitar. All my gaudy, metallic 80s clothes saved for 25 years for such an occasion were rejected. In fact, just trying them on had her on the verge of tears.

We've already had a request from Little Miss Thinker to avoid the home of Freaky Druid Guy, meaning our actual trick-or-treating may end up being a rather uneventful candy grab.

Even so, Halloween and all its obligations are #1 on my nervous list.

#2: I'm nominated for the same industry award I didn't win last year. Since at least half of the people who read this actually know me in real life, I'll won't be as coy as I was last year and I will mention the award by name.

It's an A.I.R. Award - (A.I.R. standing for Achievement in Radio, I think?) with all sorts of nifty categories for those of us involved in radio. Most importantly, the entry fees raise money for the March of Dimes. The awards luncheon is Wednesday (AKA the day after Halloween.)

After last year's agonizing about what-to-wear (and then seeing other on-air types attending in baggy sweatshirt and jeans) I figure my outfit doesn't matter much, so no concern about my fashion statement.

But unlike last year, I think I could possibly win this time (better entry IMHO.) I might even want to. I think. About the scariest thing I can imagine is standing in front of a ballroom jammed full of radio people and having to say anything into a microphone.

In the very least, it's a free meal.

#3: I'm filling in for one of my co-workers for several days starting Friday. Not interesting reading, but it always makes me nervous to do a shift I'm not familiar with.

#4: (More interesting, I hope.) Along with other members of the michaelpennlist, Esteemed Husband and I have been working on a tribute CD.

Forty songs written by super-dee-duper singer-songwriter Michael Penn were covered by various members of the group. Esteemed Husband and I recorded a duet ("Try") and each did a solo turn. And all the tracks have been gathered together and are just about ready for "release."

When the tracks are released, I will provide links, whether you want them or not.

Even so, not all that confident in my performances. (Caution: Excuse Ahead!) I felt pretty nervous and rushed during the first recording, and just rushed the second time (which really was a rush job, since we did it at the last minute after another person dropped out.) And my cat was dying at the same time (ploy for sympathy.)

In addition, I volunteered my services to design/execute the cover for the CD package. Which all seemed pretty simple until I realized it's hard to fit 40 songs & artists on the back of a CD and have the credits remain legible. Then, I ended up making 3 different back covers...worked for hours and hours Friday & Saturday and finally got so sick of the whole thing that I sent the final work in without really scrutinizing it...meaning of course there are a few minor things I missed (just simple stuff like extra spaces and wrong font choice for a word or two.)

Let the Whining Cease! Happy Haunting!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Not in the Mood

Howdy folks! Seems I've been the non-blogging blogger of late. Just haven't been in the mood it seems.

Still reacting from the euthanasia of my cat last week.

Not necessarily "reacting" in a bad sense, but just taking a little time away from the computer.

Leo was a wonderful pet - with more personality jammed into his furry body than most people I know. With all the character traits that are usually assigned to dogs - affectionate, loyal, outgoing.

In times of "magic thought" I'd even wondered if he might have been human in a previous life.

After 13 years, we were bonded, to say the least.

And pretty much all of 2006 was spent watching him decline, after a tumor was found in his jaw in January.

Now that it's over, it's been like awakening from a bad dream in a lot of ways.

All along, I was keeping a blog, "My Name Is Leo," detailing his trials and tribulations (started when I thought he might only be with me for weeks after diagnosis, not 8 1/2 months!)

For those interested in the heartwrenching and ultimately uplifting (I hope) end of the journey, I've compiled the last few posts and put them in an easier-to-read proper-chronological-order here:

If you manage to get through it, I think you'll understand why I've been quiet lately.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

May 6, 1993 - October 8, 2006

LEO "Fluffmeister Von Kittycat"


Monday, October 02, 2006


For every Light, there is Darkness...for every Woody Allen, there is Jerry Lewis...for every Back-to-School, there is Back-to-School-Night.

You'd think that after five years of Back-to-School Nights I'd be able to face it head-on with no anxiety. But it's always a nerve-wracking experience.

Blame it on a room packed full of parents sitting on teeny Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Chairs, which are definitely not sized for the mature behind.

Even the teachers seem uncomfortable to see adults humiliated in this manner.

(If you're new to this blog, you might want to check it my 2005 Back-to-School Night post .)

If you discount the seating (and the pained expression on my Esteemed Husband's face) it didn't go too badly this year.

Oh, there was that moment when Little Miss Deep Thinker's teacher looked directly at me when she said, "A couple of the kids really like to talk..." It was enough to make a mom squirm in her seat -- but if I had actually done so, I might have fallen off my miniature chair.

The highlight of this year's B-t-S Night? A new Tattooed Dad in one of my girl's classes!

Remember I'll Miss You Tattooed Dad? Well, I think I'm going to like this year's model even more!

I just caught a glimpse of his neck tattoo peeking out of the collar of his shirt. Yes -- a collared shirt -- quite the step above last year's mud-flap-girl t-shirt.

(Chalk another one up to the yin/yang: for every dad who flaunts his tattooed-ness is a dad who tries to cover his ink up.)

Still, the idea of a neck tattoo boggles my mind. I can't imagine a reason good enough to let someone get near my major arteries with any sort of needle.

Can't wait for the next school event to try and discern just what is printed on the new T.D.

Stay tuned for further details as they become available!