Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Parental Perks

The other day, I found this paper in my 3rd grader's folder -- she had been practicing her newly-learned cursive during some free time at school.

"What's this?" I asked. "I made it for you!" she replied happily. Aw, shucks. She knows me well.

I usually try and stay away from the warm-and-fuzzy stuff in this blog, but sometimes an unexpected Diet Coke drawing can just make a mom get all...well...warm and fuzzy. So prepare yourselves -- as I'm about to go feel-good on ya.

Last Saturday, I was in a truly foul mood. When I woke up I realized I needed to make a banner for my mother's 70th birthday party (later that day.) Had to find photos encompassing 70 years, and arrange them somewhat artfully across 7 pages. And our desktop's hard drive had stopped functioning...with Esteemed Husband doing the computer equivalent of mouth-to-mouth to bring it back to life.

Anyway, I was working on this banner all morning long -- and no breakfast makes for a cranky mommy. When one of the girls came to me for lunch, I told them to make themselves a sandwich or something, because I had not even had breakfast. And I didn't say it in a nice way.

A little while later, they interrupted me again. With little mischievous smiles, they told me to cover my eyes and come into the kitchen. Where I found this:

(In case, you're wondering -- that's a cut-up banana on the left. It does look a bit questionable if you aren't sure what you're looking at.)

The best 2 PM breakfast ever. See, I am awfully lucky.

And just to take the saccharine level up another notch...my youngest presented me with a school project today.

(The top portion of a 3-foot-long creation)

I will transcribe it all here, complete with her special spelling and caps:

My mom is a "beary special person! She is cheerful and VERY smart! My mom is VERY happy most of the time. Also she is one of the room moms witch is SO cool!

I have learned a LOT from her like how to not make a big mess while eating popcorn and how to cook some frosen food. I would like to be like my mom because she's really nice and she always makes the right choice.

My mom is NEVER mean or rude! The super cool thing is that my mom and I look SO much alike! Also when you look at my mom you will see that she is as cute as a kitten. I love my mom and she loves me! My mom is ALWAYS honest. I love my mom!


I'm also pleased to realize that one of the main things I've taught my daughter is how to microwave food. Because none of us is really sure what that stove thing is for.

It's great to be a mom :-)