Friday, October 28, 2005

It's An Honor Just to Have Been Nominated...

Yesterday, I found out that I have two nominations for an industry award.

Initial reactions:

1) Hey, that's cool...
2) I hope I don't win.

The first is pretty self-explanatory. The second -- well, winning would mean having to make a speech. In front of a whole banquet room full of various Philadelphia radio folk. On a stage.

Talk about taking the fun out of a free meal.

You'd think someone who has made a living (well, honestly, it's not much of a living, we're talking radio here...) speaking into a microphone wouldn't have that much of a problem with a brief acceptance speech. But usually I'm in my little womb-like studio, and (here is the operative word) ALONE. The way I like it.

Plus, there may be wine served. Guaranteed to bring out my inner idiot -- hmmm, come to think of it, that only takes a couple of diet cokes.

And then I'd have to resist the temptation to try and say something funny, which inevitably would end up being bizarre instead, like when Kirstie Alley thanked Parker Stevenson for giving her the "big one" (and they ended up getting divorced, or did she eat him? I can't remember...)

My only comfort is that I don't think I'll win. Pretty sure it's a long shot.

Taking that for a given, the pressing issue becomes "what to wear." And we know this issue is right up there with global warming...

I have this super-cool (to me anyway) velvet knee-length jacket that I will probably go with --

-- although I'm struggling with its costume-y feel, and whether it will invoke puzzlement (as in, "Why didn't she take off her coat?") or ridicule (Sgt. Pepper/Prince comparisons.)

(Did you know that if you search Google images for "Prince" the first photo that comes up is a pierced male member? Ouch!)

Well, my costume will be infinitely less colorful than the Beatles or Prince, but hell, I may still give the folks something to make fun of...and that gives me a purpose in life.


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