Monday, October 17, 2005

I'll take "Things You Shouldn't Say to a Woman" for 200, Alex

Someone who knows me very well made the mistake of telling me that not only did they think the photos I posted of me with Mr. Michael Penn "didn't look like" me, but that in one picture my chin was reminiscent of John Lithgow, or perhaps the Crimson Chin of Fairly Oddparents fame.

A remark this person has regretted ever since.

Because I wouldn't mind being compared to any number of celebrities, but John Lithgow is not one of them.

Just to clear the record -- I do not look like John Lithgow in real life (although he's a fine actor and all) -- at least I don't think so. The Crimson Chin, well, maybe...
Anyway, I have provided a "looks like me" photo to avoid any further confusion.

It was taken a few months ago at Philadelphia's Mann Music Center... the Philadelphia Orchestra does a summer series there. Each year, my husband and I pick the night with the lineup that appeals to us most...and we have a whole picnicking routine that revolves around wine and general gluttony.

Because, personally, classical music never sounds better than when you're drunk and lying on your back looking at the stars.

My favorite moment this time was shortly before the concert's start (and after a good deal of wine had been consumed.) A family with two or three kids appeared and tried to set up camp at our feet, in the postage-stamp-sized swath of grass that separated us from the blanket in front.

Now, this would not do. There is blanket etiquette that must be followed! I could have tried glaring in their direction and hope they'd get the message. But instead I declared in a cheerful stage whisper something along the lines of "We're going to be making out soon!"

Honestly, I didn't really think/know they would hear me. But it worked. Evidently the prospect was so frightening that the parents quickly gathered up their brood and found a nearby, more appropriate, patch of lawn to settle into.

Whether the making out took place or not, well, I'll leave that to your imagination.


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