Tuesday, October 11, 2005

O.K., Now They're Taunting Me

(Warning: This post contains images that may be disturbing for some young viewers.)

I just received an e-mail from PetSmart that contained these images and carried the subject line: "The look for Fall you pet can't do without."

Umm, yes they can. Really.

They can't do without food and they certainly can't do without the litter box (although sometimes my Zeke does do without it and that is why I also can't do without Nature's Miracle pet odor remover.) But my cats can quite easily do without any "look" whatsoever, no matter what the season.

It would also seem to me that dogs have done quite well throughout the ages with just their fur and really don't need a "look" either, and especially not THIS kind of look. Sure it's appropriate garb if you think of your dog as a surrogate child or something, but IMHO that's just gross or misguided, or both.

An even weirder concept than dogs wearing clothing is dogs wearing faux fur. I'm really having a hard time getting my head around that one.

So, be kind to your canine and resist the silly getups. Or you may find yourself reincarnated as a terrier forced to wear gingham.


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