Thursday, October 06, 2005

Michael Penn at World Cafe Live, Part 1

First of all, my husband suggested I issue another blanket apology (since it's been a couple months since my first one.)

Evidently, he thinks I may have freaked out any reading pennlisters by the little script in my last post. Because there had to be pennlisters at World Cafe Live on Monday, but absolutely no one spoke to us besides Spencer, Jill and the friendly but non-pennlist fan seated across the table from us.

Maybe it was the flashing neon "Stay Away" sign over my head.

But see, that's a joke. Really. Generally I like to meet new people that share my interests. As long as the conversation is over in approximately 2.5 minutes.

Another joke. Really. I apologize. Truly.

However; I did hear a couple of folks yell out during the show that Mr. Hollywood Jr. 1947 was "awesome" (as scripted) so if that was you, please drop me a line and I will apologize personally for being so tongue-in-cheek that I scared you from actually approaching me. Although I'm not going to rule out that maybe you didn't recognize me from my nonexistent picture. Or that perhaps I am really scary and you were justified in staying away.

Anyway, back to Mr. Penn. Objectively, I can only say the show was spectacular. Subjectively, his shoes were really cool.

This is the fourth time I have seen him perform, and even with minimal accompaniment, it was the best so far. He was in great voice and the song selection was perfect (although it all ended way too fast!)

I will do my best to get my act together and post a more encompassing review later this week.

Meanwhile, MP signed stuff for us after the show and was so very, very gracious (not just to us, but I watched him with other folks too.)

You know, you don't have to be a decent human to make great music, but it's nice when the two can co-exist.

So, perhaps I don't need to be a decent human to be a blogger, but it's nice to give it a try every now and then.

(Oh, Merujo, my comment about the lawyer was my usual attempt at humor. I figured you'd know that, but my husband thought it might be misconstrued. I mean, if I had a lawyer representing me, I'd certainly be making a lot more money than I am. And I really like (and wholeheartedly endorse) your blog, Church of the Big Sky -- no joke there.)


At October 07, 2005 1:24 PM, Blogger Merujo said...

I can't wait for MP here this coming Tuesday. After the whole "Merujo accidentally shares the 'Walter Reed' video with the world too early" fiasco, I don't know if I should try to get an autograph after this gig. (MP visited my blog several times after that, checking out every entry I'd written about him, including the one where I called his brother "Sean 'I lost my sense of humor sometime around Shanghai Surprise' Penn"... Oops. What you hear now is me, banging my head against the wall.)

Your script cracked me up - I recognized it completely. As you can see, I have limited social skills in concert settings, too! I tend to get strangely shy for some reason. (Yeah, I'll hang around, talking to hookers, but other Michael Penn fans??? Nooooo.) ;-)

At October 07, 2005 9:51 PM, Blogger Cyn said...

I actually thought your social skills were pretty good, compared to mine.

When you hear how patient MP was with me after the World Cafe Live show (hoping to get around to blogging about it on Sunday) you will have no qualms about approaching him. I have a feeling he would go out of his way to reassure you that the Walter Reed fiasco wasn't a fiasco at all.


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