Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Not in the Mood

Howdy folks! Seems I've been the non-blogging blogger of late. Just haven't been in the mood it seems.

Still reacting from the euthanasia of my cat last week.

Not necessarily "reacting" in a bad sense, but just taking a little time away from the computer.

Leo was a wonderful pet - with more personality jammed into his furry body than most people I know. With all the character traits that are usually assigned to dogs - affectionate, loyal, outgoing.

In times of "magic thought" I'd even wondered if he might have been human in a previous life.

After 13 years, we were bonded, to say the least.

And pretty much all of 2006 was spent watching him decline, after a tumor was found in his jaw in January.

Now that it's over, it's been like awakening from a bad dream in a lot of ways.

All along, I was keeping a blog, "My Name Is Leo," detailing his trials and tribulations (started when I thought he might only be with me for weeks after diagnosis, not 8 1/2 months!)

For those interested in the heartwrenching and ultimately uplifting (I hope) end of the journey, I've compiled the last few posts and put them in an easier-to-read proper-chronological-order here:


If you manage to get through it, I think you'll understand why I've been quiet lately.


At October 18, 2006 12:52 PM, Blogger Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I didn't realize that happened. I haven't been over here in over a week.

So sorry!

At October 22, 2006 2:37 AM, Blogger spocko said...

I'm sorry for your loss. My friend's cat passed away recently. She refered to it as a death in the family. I agreed with her.
She had 18 good years with her cat, I know she is still grieving.

take care,

At December 11, 2006 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog (it's a little difficult to navigate (i think it's more blogger.com's fault) because our cat has the same kind of tumor that grew in a matter of days... diagnosed last week and inoperable. I'm sitting here wondering how many WEEKS he has, and i fond now your perfect Leo had many many MONTHS and this brings me joy. He was gorgeous! i'm going to be following some of your methodology too! picking up some meds to help appetite too. thank you so much for your great site. this has been so helpful and heart warming!


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