Friday, November 10, 2006

(We Are) Magic

(Continuing the Olivia Newton-John blog Title theme)

However late I am, there was some interest in seeing my urchins' Halloween costumes, so here they are (in all their blurred-facial-features glory!)

Little Miss Deep Thinker is resplendent in an orange witch tunic with black organza puff sleeves & apron.

This costume was originally purchased for me to wear my little nephew's birthday/costume party a few years ago. Until I tried it on and found it was evidently a "naughty witch" costume, since it was so short that it barely covered my, um, assets. However unsuitable it was for me to wear to a kiddy party, it works great on an actual kiddy!

The Elder Daughter's "rock star costume" looks remarkably like what she wore for the first day of school this year. Evidently, first-day-of-school is magically transformed into a costume with the addition of an inflatable guitar.

I was rather crushed that she rejected a wide variety of gaudy 80's metallic-striped shirts that I presented her with when we were working on her "costume", but happy that she did choose to wear my authentic vintage (South Street, Philadelphia) studded wrist bands from my college pseudo-punk days.

The 20% candy tax at work:

Strictly in the interest of teaching my children about percentages, I devised an educational math-in-the-real-world exercise in which my kids give their parents 20% of the candy they receive during their trick-or-treating. (And yes, fellow parents, they fell for it!)

Esteemed husband and I got 36 pieces of candy out of the deal - not to mention the bowl of undistributed Snickers that somehow disappeared when the kids were at school & husband at work. I suspect a sudden infestation of mice, or perhaps poltergeist.

Next math lesson: calculating the percentage of body weight gained during the post-Halloween candy gorge.

Another tip -- hiding the kids' stash so they don't sneak into it between meals. I've found the perfect secret spot - a most desolate area, abandoned by all ye who reside here. It's a place so long unused I'm surprised it wasn't decorated (appropriately) in cobwebs; a spot that finally has a purpose.

It is - the oven.


At November 10, 2006 8:59 PM, Blogger spocko said...

First, thank you for the photographs. ADORABLE. I do remember when I used to dress up as a kid and of course I wanted to look scary NOT adorable. Little did I know that my attempts at scary made me look...ADORABLE. Oh well.

Second I laughed out loud at the 20 percent candy tax! What a great trick on your little treaters!
Love it!
At my weight watchers meeting someone said, "Have you heard about the Halloween Fairy?" No, I said. "The kids put out the candy that they don't want and they get money for it." Of course in HER mind it is a way for the kids to not get stuffed on candy. But in MY mind it was, "Now how can *I* get my kids candy without actually stealing it?"
I see that you have hit upon the perfect solution. AND you are using it as a TEACHING moment! Two marks for YOU! (As they say on the radio program "My Word")

Oh and hey, did you win your radio reward?

At November 11, 2006 12:59 AM, Blogger Merujo said...

The candy tax just made me laugh out loud. Brilliant work, Mom and Dad!

At November 14, 2006 12:26 AM, Anonymous Spencer said...

Pretty evil.

I'm concerned about the affliction that has robbed your children of their faces. So sad.


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