Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sexiest Men Alive

It's official -- People Magazine has named Matthew McConaughey as this year's "Sexiest Man Alive."

I must admit that Mr. McConaughey's appeal has escaped me. With the disclaimer that I really don't know all that much about the man, he has always seemed a little too much of a good ole boy, too much swagger for me.

Sexiest mug shot?

It shouldn't surprise me that People picked someone that I just don't get...maybe it's just me -- I've never seen whatever it is that others see in Brad Pitt...

Ben Affleck is one handsome dude, but over time, he's seemed to become more and more of, well, an idiot.

and I've previously explored my feelings about Johnny Depp.

Most Beautiful Man Alive -- even with facial hair.
But there's that ambiguity...

What celebrity would I make People's cover boy? Tough one. Maybe because the "sexy" in a man is often subtle... and the entire exercise is kind of silly anyway.

But, in the interest of equal time and all, I present (in the detached style of a happily-married woman) a couple of dudes that have something that makes them more appealing than the average male:

Adam Brody -- "Seth Cohen" of O.C. fame

Yeah, I'm almost old enough to be his mom -- but he is adorable in that nerdy way I adore.

Richard Gere

To attone for my Seth Cohen thing, here is my Sexiest Older Man. I believe he's already been an official "Sexiest Man Alive;" even so, Mr. Gere has actually gotten more attractive as he has aged.

Sexiest Singer/Songwriter -- Michael Penn

Because talent is very sexy. Dimples don't hurt either. (His latest CD, Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947, is terrific...)

George Clooney -- I'm sure he's been on People's list as well, but with his recent work he's impressed me as being more than just a pretty face

George Clooney as Fred Friendly in Good Night, And Good Luck.

Of course, my husband tops my permanent "sexiest" list -- with his winning combination of intelligence and wit (and his dimples don't hurt either!)

As I sign off, folks, a little reminder to be selective in what you put on the internet, lest someone find your stuff and put it in their blog...


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