Sunday, April 06, 2008

I've Got the Cat's Tongue

One week ago, I was on a beach doing the stereotypical tropical vacation lying-under-a-palm-tree-while-sipping-a-fruity-alcoholic-beverage thing.

And now I'm not.

Actually, we got back last Monday, but I'm still not up to speed. Think about the cruelty of being dumped off unceremoniously in 40-degree drizzly Philadelphia when you've still got beach hair. Trauma like that takes some recovering from. Well, actually, so did my vacation. But that's a story for another time (when I've got more time.)

For now, just a little visual with a little explanation. We were staying in Tulum, Mexico...and the night before we left, my clan was scouring the little gift/supply shop at the resort for some manner of (cheap) souvenir. Then a cute little kitty face caught my eye (have I used the word "little" enough for you?)

My Spanish isn't great, but...could this mean what I thought? I made eye contact with the woman behind the cash register and said, "Lengua es..?" as I stuck out my tongue and pointed to it. Stonefaced, she nodded yes. Giggling, I said something along the lines of "That's funny!" Senora Register did not appear see the humor, as she glared at me for daring to mock the native candy.

Of course, I had to buy them. Not only to appease the woman behind the register, but because it's not every day a gringa such as myself gets to eat a chocolate reproduction of an animal organ. Which I haven't done yet...I guess I'm saving them for some sort of special fiesta. Ole!


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