Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Scanner Darkly

My blogging is bound to be eratic now that my urchins are out of school and gracing me with their joyous whining 24/7.

So, it is in this spirit that I direct you to check out the website (and trailer) for the Richard Linklater film A Scanner Darkly.

If the website is any indication, the film is pretty darn cool -- although these appearances can be deceiving.

The animation over live action process has always thrown me off a bit...but it appears to fit the subject matter very well in this case.

There are a whole mess of interesting features on the movie website -- I'd go into more detail, but that would negate my whole goal of a quick, easy post, wouldn't it?

There's a MySpace page too, which I haven't had a chance to explore at this point.

The film goes into limited release tomorrow, with a more extensive release next Friday.


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