Monday, June 05, 2006

Toad the Wet Sprocket & Duncan Sheik Photos


Toad the Wet Sprocket on stage at Appel Farm.

I wish we had taken a shot backwards into the crowd so y'all could see there was quite an impressive crowd (and how lucky we were to get so close to the stage.)

Also wish I had had my 35mm camera,
because our digital couldn't quite manage the lighting...

Glen Phillips

Glen signs my daughter's shirt

Glen Phillips' autographs on my daughter's T-shirts.

I've blurred out my kids' names, to protect the innocent. But I think you can see on the orange one that Glen wrote "U R the Queen" which I thought was really sweet. Then he looked up at me and said, "She is the queen, right?" And instead of smiling and agreeing, I said, "No, I'm the Queen, they're the princesses." which was meant to be witty in some couldn't-think-of-anything-better-to-say way, but instead sounded rather obnoxious.

I immediately wished I could rewind time, but instead I tried to cover my tracks by babbling on (as he signed some CDs for us) about how I was one of his MySpace friends, saying "Don't you recognize us?"

Again, meant to be funny, but it seemed he looked up with a semi-alarmed expression as if thinking, "Should I actually pretend to recognize you?" as I continued to blither like an idiot, "Ya of the thousands...I like reading your blog..." (Ignoring the little voice in my head that should have been screaming, "JUST SHUT UP AND MOVE ALONG!")

Eventually I did shut up and moved behind the table for a photo.

Actually I think it's a pretty cool photo (captures the essence of my goofiness) so I guess the babbling was worth it.

Our girls were also in the picture, but I cropped them out as I'm reluctant to put their images out into cyberspace. Sorry sweeties.

I should mention that the entire band signed too and were all super-nice to the girls. The kids were thrilled. (I'm afraid I've created a couple of little groupies.) Thanks Toad!

"What about me?" said the photographer (aka The Husband.)

Somehow, neither of us remembered to take photos of Duncan Sheik performing. But here he is after the show, adding his lovely signature to our daughters' tees. (In real life, my children's faces aren't blurred. Only on the internet.)

You will notice that I am speaking in the photo...this is where I am telling Duncan that my oldest daughter loved his "Barely Breathing" video when she was a toddler -- which was meant to be some sort of cute little story, but in essence was saying, "Yeah dude, you haven't had a hit in like 8 or 9 years..." Not the way I meant it, of course, but I suppose you could say he was slightly underwhelmed by my little tale.

Nice guy though! He signed lots of stuff for others too -- we were at the back of the pack. His wranglers summoned him away before we had a chance to have our CD signed. (Or maybe they were rescuing him from me?)

Duncan gets extra points for penmanship.

Coming soon -- Fountains of Wayne!


At June 05, 2006 5:23 PM, Blogger Merujo said...

That's so sweet. I tried to get someone to go hear Duncan Sheik with me at the Birchmere (where I saw Acoustic Vaudeville and MP solo), but no one would go, and I felt silly going alone. (Silly hang-up I have to get over.) You're not the only one who manages to say things that might be taken some other way when encountering celebrities. Take heart, I have that gift, too. :-)


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