Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Defining Moment in the History of Philadelphia Radio

(Not really. Just wanted to get your attention.)

So...I started doing some morning drive fill-in on Monday. (I'm not going to use names, because there is no need to sully the reputation of this particular radio station and its personnel by associating it with my blog forevermore in Google searches.)

"Ho hum," you say. Au contraire, my extremely-exclusive readers. This is quite an event, at least in the minute corner of suburbia that I call my own.

Because I am getting to broadcast out of my bedroom! Actual live terrestrial FM radio. Through the magic of a piece of equipment that I guess is usually used for station remotes, a microphone, and my trusty laptop, I am doing news and traffic Mon-Fri for a month or so while the lovely lady who usually provides this information is on maternity leave.

This is where the "magic" happens.

Broadcasting from home has been one of those cockamamie schemes I've mentioned to my boss jokingly(keep in mind that 99.9% of humor has its basis in truth) over the years; since the existence of my children has kept me from being able to work drive-time. It only took a guy who is a legendary radio personality - one of the best-known, most-widely-respected morning men in this town (and yes, John, I'm sucking up to you...but it's true)(sucking up even more!) to actually make it happen. So, I feel like a pretty lucky little reporter at this point, even with some first-day jitters and technical problems.

Still not entirely sure that I'm just not part of an elaborate hoax, and sitting here talking to myself. But (so far) my kids have not screamed at each other when I've been on the air...my kittens are being held at bay with multiple early morning feedings...and I've come pretty close to making sense with only about 4 hours of sleep the past couple nights.

And to anyone who managed to uncover this page while searching for a topless picture of me on the internet -- I swear that such a thing does not exist! (Although if you find any, let me know.)


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