Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Kid Made Me Do It

I kinda hate survey-result blogs, but here I am, doing it anyway. (Never discount one's need to stoke the self-loathing fire...)

Anyway, my children were all excited about this Golden Compass website survey -- evidently the elder child and her teacher both did it today at school (our tax dollars at work!!) Elder child showed it to younger child after school, and then I was requested to participate.

Now you lovely blog readers who actually know me - or would like to pretend you do - are being asked to click below and agree/disagree with five character traits, to see if my perceptions of myself and your perceptions of me are the same. (Although I'm rather afraid of what your perceptions might be. But I guess that's the whole point.)

The five questions pop up right here on the blog page - click on the brown blob (technical term) in lower right corner of the picture below to advance to next question. My daemon will actually change below depending on your answers.


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