Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dwarf, Chippendales, Cockroaches

A while back, when pondering the possibility of poltergeist in my bedroom I mentioned having a photo of myself with the small-statured star of Poltergeist, Zelda Rubinstein.

Yesterday, I was scanning old photos for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary..and lo and behold, in an album from early 1988:

(An odd expression on my face...probably overwhelmed by actually standing next to someone shorter than I.) As I recall, she was a super-sweet lady.

A couple more photos from the same album:

The requisite picture with Chippendales (for whatever reason, Chippendales seemed to be the recurring theme of my late 80s-early 90s radio career. Maybe because they were an easy booking.)

Note pants of the guy on the left...1988 was big on pleats, it seems.

And then -- of course -- giant cockroaches.

The hands belonged to a guy from "Steve's Bug-Off" (I'm pretty sure it was actually "Steve" himself -- a Northeast Philadelphia exterminator who opened an "Insectarium" a few years later.) Seemed like a good way to end this post, anyway.

Back to the present --a radio first (for me) on Monday...a return to the past, with a radically new twist. Details to follow.


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