Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Haunted Bedroom

I am freaking out just a teeny bit right do not expect eloquence.

Here's why: a couple days ago, I was taking a "before" photo after moving a chair out of a corner to make way for a new piece of furniture in my bedroom. When I looked down at my digital camera screen, I saw what some paranormal researchers call "orbs" in my picture.

If you are not familiar with "orbs" - some believe that the orbs that show up in photos are spirits...or balls of energy produced by spirits...or even some sort of wormhole. Groovy!

Personally, my mind is open. I believe some people are psychic (and many are frauds) though the mechanism that allows them to sense dead people or past/future events may never be understood. For example, I'm not sure that people actually can communicate with the dead (sorry, Ghost Whisperer) but maybe are sensing some sort of lingering vibration or another layer of time. If you think I'm sounding crazy, just consider broadcast television/radio...waves broadcast that are invisible until received/decoded. There may be other frequencies (for lack of a better term) that people with psychic abilities can tap into that the rest of us cannot.

Anyway, back to the orbs. I generally am amused by this sort of thing - the logical part of my brain (which seems to be getting smaller every day) says it's some sort of lens flair.

So I took another photo, and saw more orbs. Though they are hard to see in these photos, so I have provided handy arrows. There are not actually arrows on my bedroom walls, although I can think of certain instances where that might come in handy.

Then I took a series of shots one after the other -- assuming that if the orbs were reflections off the lamp, they should be in the same spot for each photo. Though I've cropped the photos to show better where the orbs appear (and hide some of my bedroom's clutter)

Above are two of the many photos taken - I was standing in the exact same place with my camera in the same position. Slightly different angle below.

Even in photos a few seconds apart the orbs are in different places/sizes/number. Maybe they are really little bundles of spirit energy floating around!

(This is where it would be really cool is I stuck in the old photo I have of myself with the Little Woman who was in Poltergeist. But it's not scanned into the computer. Oh well.)

I go and sit on the floor in the empty corner, to see if I can feel any "vibrations" (Hey, I'm a child of the 70s -- a time when Uri Geller used to bend spoons and all that. Wait -- he was fake, wasn't he?!)

But I digress...again. I don't really feel anything while sitting on the carpet in the corner, except a little silly. I make a mental note to discuss this laughingly with my spouse when he comes home from work. Then I forget all about it.

Last night, my husband moves our bed a few inches over to the right - and a few inches closer to the corner where I had photographed the "orbs." With no thought of anything orb-related, I come into the room, see the new bed position and get all freaky on him -- saying my side of the bed is way too close to the window (it's still like 5 feet away) that it feels claustrophobic...that the bed looks crooked...generally ranting. He is perplexed by my insanity, and I leave the room feeling weirded out.

Later, I remember the orbs. Did my discomfort with the new bed position mean I was sensing something paranormal? Something that doesn't want me any closer? I fall asleep restlessly, imagining a presence is by my side trying to rouse me. (Roll your eyes here.)

All is forgotten today until I am looking through some Mother's Day pictures my husband took. Then I see this one with an orb right in front of my daughter's face.

When I look closely at the other pictures, I see less obvious orbs in all but one of the ones taken in our bedroom that morning.

So I am freaked. Mildly freaked, but freaked nonetheless.

Mind you that my husband's Mother's Day pictures were taken with his camera and my wall pictures with an entirely different camera. That my husband took lots of other pictures Mother's Day and only the ones taken in our bedroom showed the orbs.

So that's what led me to this blog post, and now has led me to google "paranormal orbs" and has led me to conclude that all those orbs that mysteriously appeared in my photos and have haunted me for the past few days were most likely, probably, nearly assuredly...



At June 14, 2008 11:13 AM, Anonymous speener said...

What? Zelda Rubenstein is still alive? You have to get that picture online.

I often tease Kristen about our 100 year old house and all the spirits is surely contains. Yeah - I don't believe - she does. Mean ain't it? Still funny.

At June 14, 2008 3:52 PM, Blogger Cyn said...

Oh, the photo was taken 20 years ago when I was a morning show producer -- she was talking up her role in some B-movie about eyes being pulled out of sockets...something along those lines. In addition to posing with someone actually shorter than I, also took home a promotional poster. Hung said poster (featuring eyeballs and aforementioned little person) on the outside of my bedroom door where it stayed for several years. Then wondered why I didn't have a steady boyfriend.

Anyway, the photo is down my basement right now...but eventually I will get it online.

At October 02, 2008 4:00 AM, Anonymous Kady said...

Thank you so much for the Leo blog. My babycat, 14 years old, was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw this week. Of course I am devastated and searching for factual information and compassion. Your postings during Leo's nine months are very, very helpful to me. Leo stayed around much longer than would be the norm from what I understand. Your love for each other really came through in your blog and in Leo's living a very long life with you under the circumstances. I also appreciate the photos; what a beautiful boy-so handsome; and your sensitive commentary as he became more ill, and your showing his personality and photos in the good times and tough times. I would like Leo to now be my baby's angel.


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