Saturday, May 26, 2007

Add Insult to Injury

One day after my last post...

...the addition of a nice black edge on top of the net, to make it even more visible.

I'm trying to let this whole matter go. Really, life is too short (and feel free to insert your own cliched platitude here...)

But obviously, since I'm blogging about it, I haven't gotten to the acceptance stage yet.

Last night. I dreamt that one of my daughters and I were in their backyard trying to get out before anyone saw us -- what we were doing there in the first place I don't know (investigating the best way to take down that net perhaps?) There were a series of platforms and ladders that needed to be negoitated to get to the gate to escape. I think we finally made it out, although that part is fuzzy.

Hmmm...Dr.Freud, your analysis, please? (Remember, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...)


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